Inspectors of SPCA warn Tikitiki managers about cruelty to hermit crabs

SPCA inspector teaching a child about respect for all animals.

Uniformed inspectors of the SPCA have visited the Tikitiki Bowling Bar to warn its managers about hermit crab racing, PR Manager Angela Leung said. Asked if the SPCA will seek prosecution, she said it was a borderline case. After the inspectors’ warning, the society hopes the cruelty will stop.

Deputy Director Dr Fiona Woodhouse, who sent the inspectors after BUZZ’s tip-off, said:

— The case amounted to abuse of the hermit crabs. For the animals it would mean racing for life, flight to escape an exposed area, try to find a normal environment and get away from the stress caused by spectator noise.

— This kind of thing undermines education efforts going on in schools now. Children are being taught respect for all life, environmental protection, living in harmony with nature.

The Tikitiki Bowling Bar has been promoting its hermit crab racing on Facebook and other social media for many weeks. A press event has been held at the otherwise laudable and spectacular nightclub, judging from the photos of reporters and cameramen on FB. Excited children gather around the hermit crab racing stage as the little creatures try to scurry away to safety.

SPCA inspectors at work, in this case confiscating an illegal pig trap.

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